Outfit Trend: The New Suit

Outfit Trend: The New Suit

Outfit Trend

Pictured clockwise starting with the blazer:

The more ruffles the better is the motto for spring so this ruffle blazer shown here from (SheInside $50) is a great way to shake things up from your normal suit routine.

Chunky gold earrings such as these shown here from (Chicnova $11) are a stylish accessory to give your outfit the Midas touch.

This little black purse shown here from (Modcloth $48) is decked out in golden studs to give that edge to what would normally be an ordinary outfit.

Continuing in the theme of the non-ordinary are these stylish zebra-print flats shown here from (Footzyfolds $69) with a studded cap toe for your wearing pleasure.

Last but not least, these leather shorts shown here from (Bebe $129) complete this outfit because short-suits are in demand this spring.

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Outfit Trend: Adventure Time

Outfit Trend: Adventure Time

Your day begins with your outfit choice, and can set the tone for how you want your outfit to be. Pick something vibrant and daring like this outfit trend to set an adventurous tone for your day:

Outfit Trend: Adventure Chic

The great thing about cardigans is the money colors and styles they come in, and this  multi-colored & print cardigan shown here from (SheInside $37) adds a youthful and fun flair to your closet this season.

When you’re ready to hit the streets, the mountains, or anywhere for an adventure, a backpack like the one shown here from (Chicnova $87) is an essential piece and is also a very stylish piece to match your cardigan.

Rivet details on clothes are in right now therefore these riveted leggings shown here from (SheInside $37) are definitely a trending piece.

To match those riveted leggings, a pair of studded flats like these stylish ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $55) are a great way to keep up with the trends this season.

Neutral colors like these brown shorts from (SheInside $31) are definitely in style right now, and make for a chic look when paired with leggings.

Outfit Trend: Caribbean Blues

Outfit Trend: Caribbean Blues

You may be missing the summer weather at this point, so why not take fashion inspiration from the islands that are sunny all year long! A cross between Caribbean patterns with a fashionable bohemian twist makes this outfit a must-have this winter:

Outfit Trend: Elegant Abstract

Pictured clockwise starting with the blue blouse: 

A free-flowing blue blouse like the one shown here from (Choies $40) is a great way to dive into the bohemian trend with the loose fitting clothing with a stylish twist.

For this trend, backpacks are a must like this orange one shown here from (Chicnova $115) that make a great substitute for a purse and always keeps you prepared for an adventure.

These pattern printed pants shown here from (Chicnova $27) are the epitome of the bohemian look and are a necessity for this trend.

A pair of stylish black flats with orange studs shown here from (Footzyfolds $55) help tie in the other orange elements in the outfit.

A delicate scarf like the blue and orange floral abstract print one shown here from (Chicnova $17) is a great addition to this outfit that match the abstractness of the bohemian styled pants.

Outfit Trend: Rock ‘N Glam

Outfit Trend: Rock ‘N Glam

An edgy punk look is always a trending style from season to season, it’s just a matter of the clothes that make a difference when switching from a spring to a winter frame of mind. Here we show you how to get this rockin’ look to fit the latest winter fashion trends:

Trend Alert: Rock N' Glam

A delicate, lace dress only seems delicate in the context of the outfit, and in this case, this knit, lace dress shown here from (Chicnova $167) is taking on an edgier, girly-rock role. Pictured clockwise starting with the dress:

The cold winter weather begs for gloves and striking red gloves like the ones shown here from (Bluefly $25) really shine in a sea of black rocker clothing.

Ripped leggings, like the ones shown here from (Chicnova $17), give your outfit that extra punk grit while still looking oh so fashionable.

Studded flats, like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $55), compliment the whole rock ‘n glam outfit with the studs serving as a punk factor and a glam factor with its glittery styling.

Nothing screams rock ‘n roll more than a guitar on a chic canvas duffel bag like the one shown here from (Bluefly $81), and the red accent of the guitar brings in the striking red gloves.


Outfit Trend: Imperial Chic

Outfit Trend: Imperial Chic

The Imperial Chic trend takes a look back in the past for inspiration – and we mean way in the past like when the Roman empire was relevant. Gold, leather, and geometrical patterns and embellishments are the key elements in creating this trend, and we’ve listed the items found below so you can get this look for yourself!

Pictured clockwise starting with the dress:

The eye-catching geometric pattern of the dress shown from (Bebe $139), in their new upscale line is the focal point of this look that asserts the imperial-style we’re looking to achieve.

The chic motorcycle leather jacket pictured above from (Chicnova $63), accents this dress beautifully, and since leather is a trending fabric this fall, it won’t be hard to incorporate this piece again in another outfit.

Studded items like this bracelet shown here from the ever-popular accesories store (Stella&Dot $59), have been seen all over the place, and accessories are a popular way to style the studs into your look.

A gold-chain strap like the one shown on this vintage leather bag from (Choies $112), is a must-have on any bag this season, and it happens to tie into this look very well.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of stylish gold sequin shoes shown here from (Footzyfolds $79), and with this look, it’ll further highlight any gold accents you wear.