Outfit Trend: Goth Glam

Outfit Trend: Goth Glam

An interesting balance between Intricate designs and embroidery and the color black is what makes this goth glam outfit trend come to life. There was definitely a gothic revitalization on the runway for the fall/winter season, but the designs and styles of the clothes were still very fashionable. Here’s out to get your own fashionable outfit trend with this look:

Outfit Trend: Goth Glam

Pictured clockwise starting with the sweater:

What sets this sweater a part from most this winter is the brocade-esque detailing as shown here on this sweater from (Choies); the detailing is highly desirable for this outfit trend and super fashionable in general.

You don’t usually associate sparkly things with a gothic look like this jeweled clutch shown here from (Chicnova $88), however, a gothic look in fashion isn’t your average run of the mill all black outfit, but rather includes jewels and intricate designs to make for a more high-fashion appeal.

This time of year is cold and if you dare wear shorts, you’re probably wearing a pair of leggings like these shown here from (Chicnova $23) to keep your legs shielded from the cold weather.

Jeweled flats like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $65) continue to incorporate jewels into your gothic look for a glam look versus a bland look.

Silk embellished woolen shorts like the ones shown here from (Choies $39) are a great pairing for your embroidered brocade sweater and complement the outfit nicely.