Outfit Trend: Pink Galaxy

Outfit Trend: Pink Galaxy

Outfit Trend: Pink Galaxy

Pictured clockwise starting with the dress:

Shirt dresses like the one shown here from (Chicnova $79) are in-style this season and this block coloring of pink and grey makes it all the more trendier.

This winter has been the season of studded items so it only makes sense to wear this pink studded purse shown here from (Modcloth $49).

You can have the whole galaxy on your legs with these fashionable space leggings shown here from (Chicnova $65); a new trend making its way onto the scene this season!

Silver flats like these stylish ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $55) can be worn with many outfits, this one included.

A necklace like the one shown here from (Stella&Dot $45) stands out and add chicness to your overall outfit.

Outfit Trend: Modern Chic

Outfit Trend: Modern Chic

Clean lines and solid colors characterize this outfit trend, and if you throw into the mix a couple of other trends this season, you’ll have one stylish look this winter. Here’s how to get this look today:

Outfit Trend: Oversized coats, skirts, and boots

Pictured clockwise starting with the coat:

A color block coat like this red, white, and black one shown here from (SheInside $51) is an ultra chic piece to own this season.

Subtle circular details like the round buttons on a coat or studs on a clutch can be accented with stylish hoop earrings like the ones shown here from (Stella&Dot $44).

Smaller can sometimes be better and a rhinestone clutch like the one shown here from (Choies $51) is a cute accessory to add to your outfit.

A pleated skirt like the one shown here from (SheInside $27) is both flirty and fun and bring some liveliness to your outfit.

Boots are the go-to shoe this season, and tassel boots like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $69) match this outfit trend any many others!

Trend Alert: Winter Wonderland

Mix ‘n’ match white and silver for a chic, winter wonderland look this season. White & silver are two colors that never go out of style no matter the time of year, so it’s not a matter of when you wear, but rather how you where it.

1. Outerwear – Faux fur is a big yes this time of year. It keeps you warm yet feeling cool.

2. Clutch – Shaped clutches – hearts, rounded, etc – are a thing this season. Get them decked out in silver for a winter-like feel.

3. Jeans – White skinny jeans are sleek and oh so chic! You can never have too many to wear this fall/winter.

4. Top – Peter pan collars & sheer fabric are 2 trends you can mix together to where the most ultimately cute blouse this season. Don’t forget to wear in white or silver!

5. Footzyfolds – Sugar in Silver Footzyfold’s are the only way to go for shoes to complete this look. They have the perfect balance of glitter in the fabric so that they don’t outshine the rest of your outfit – literally.


Trend Alert: Crystal Madness

Trend Alert: Crystal Madness

Sparkly clothes are in from head to toe so let your inner diva rise & shine! Doesn’t matter how you wear it – sparkly fabric, crystal clothes or studs – it’s all trending, so here are some shiny must-haves:

trend alert: crystal madness1. Outerwear – Crystal embellishments on your jackets are no longer just for glamorous bikers. They’re in style and in demand this Fall season.

2. Jeans – Rhinestone jeans come in many different styles with intricate and beautiful designs. Cross hatched, swirls, and any other pattern you can think of – it’s out there for your wearing pleasure!

3. Footzyfolds – The Holly in Black Footzyfold’s is a loafer style shoe taken to the next level with a luxurious velvet top and shimmery black fabric. It’s the perfect flat for this trend!

4. Clutch – No thief will want to get poked by the studs on this clutch! Pointy studs, shiny crystals, and an overall hardcore glamour feel is what makes this clutch a fall must-have.

5. Dress – A simple black dress can be enhanced with only a few crystals. It allows for the dress to be classy without having to be a show off.

Trend Alert: Marvelous Metallic

Trend Alert: Marvelous Metallic

Metallic clothes are trending this fall, and although gold may be your first metal of choice, silver is actually dominating this trend. See all the haute metallic must-haves this season:

1. Blazer – Time to get down into business with this metallic trim blazer. Great for the office but also chic enough to unbutton and unwind your look for after work as well.

2. Pants – Channel  your inner rockstar with metallic pants this fall! If you’re going for an all silver fabric, be sure to wear a top that only has a hint of silver, otherwise, it could be metallic overkill with your outfit.

3. Footzyfolds – Betsy in Silver fits this trend to a tee by combining a classic flat style and the metallic silver color to create one chic shoe! Comfortable, stylish, and foldable – it’s everything you wish for in a shoe and Footzyfolds provides it.

4. Nail Polish – Never underestimate the power of nailpolish. The great thing about silver nail polish is that it not only matches this seasonal trend, but looks good alongside your other Fall outfits too.

5. Clutch – The metallic silver clutch is another must-have item this fall. It’s small enough to just add a hint of metallic to whatever outfit, keeping you in the trend loop.

Pair up your favorite wedding trends with Footzyfolds

Pair up your favorite wedding trends with Footzyfolds

There are so many trends and styles nowadays that’s it’s hard to keep up with what you should be doing with your wedding. Here are 3 trends that you should be keeping in mind for your wedding, and 3 wedding party shoes we recommend that match those trends:

Metallic Cakes are all the rage in wedding trends right now. The sparkly appearance yet yummy taste of the cake is a twist on the original white wedding cake with flowers. The designs can be just as elegant, if not more so, with the gold finishing that glistens in the light. Have your shoes match the shine of your cake to add another twist to an old tradition.

Footzyfolds Recommends: Sparkle Burst in Gold

Statement Necklaces are more than just a huge piece of jewelry around your neck, but more of a way to add a stand-out signature piece to your otherwise traditional wedding attire. Don’t let your shoes go unnoticed either by having them stand out from the norm as well.

Footzyfolds Recommends: Nika in Silver

Colors play a big part in weddings nowadays. Long gone are the days of weddings consisting of just white and blue; it’s time to welcome some pinks, greens, and purples into your color schemes. A pop of color can be in included in any part of your wedding, including your wedding party shoes you change into.

Footzyfolds RecommendsSnake Ballet in Purple