Outfit Trend: Ruby Red

Outfit Trend: Ruby Red

Pictured clockwise starting with the blazer:

This chic blazer shown here from (Chicnova $239) is a standout piece  in your outfit with its bright red coloring just in time for spring.

Make gold work for you this season by wearing chic accessories like this gold spike necklace shown here from (SheInside $12).

This red lizard print clutch shown here from (Chicnova $416) is a stylish piece to add to your all red ensemble.

Strappy sandals like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $48) will keep you in the trend look with shoes this spring.

These trendy red shorts shown here from (Chicnova $41) is the other chic half of the suit for this look.

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Outfit Trend: Stylish Orange

Outfit Trend: Stylish Orange

Outfit Trend: Stylish Orange

Pictured clockwise starting with the jacket:

Army jackets are all the rage right now and this one shown here from (SheInside $45) comes in a not so conventional but just as stylish orange color.

These thorn hoop earrings shown here from (SheInside $12
) give your outfit a stylish edge.

This fold-over square bag shown here from (Chicnova $38) keeps within the military theme of minimalist yet chic.

A pair of black flats like these shown here from (Footzyfolds $55) are a great shoe to match this stylish outfit as well as others in your wardrobe.

The double sided buttons on these chic shorts shown here from (SheInside $30) match the military theme of the double breasted jacket.

Outfit Trend: Adventure Time

Outfit Trend: Adventure Time

Your day begins with your outfit choice, and can set the tone for how you want your outfit to be. Pick something vibrant and daring like this outfit trend to set an adventurous tone for your day:

Outfit Trend: Adventure Chic

The great thing about cardigans is the money colors and styles they come in, and this  multi-colored & print cardigan shown here from (SheInside $37) adds a youthful and fun flair to your closet this season.

When you’re ready to hit the streets, the mountains, or anywhere for an adventure, a backpack like the one shown here from (Chicnova $87) is an essential piece and is also a very stylish piece to match your cardigan.

Rivet details on clothes are in right now therefore these riveted leggings shown here from (SheInside $37) are definitely a trending piece.

To match those riveted leggings, a pair of studded flats like these stylish ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $55) are a great way to keep up with the trends this season.

Neutral colors like these brown shorts from (SheInside $31) are definitely in style right now, and make for a chic look when paired with leggings.

Outfit Trend: Varsity Girl

Outfit Trend: Varsity Girl

The fall/winter fashion season trends are a lot of friends because color still can be incorporated, and unexpected trends can emerge, like in this case, the varsity jacket, which has made huge comeback this season. Check out this outfit incorporating this newly trending item + more:

Trend Alert: Varsity Jackets, Lace-Up Shoes, Leggings & More!

Pictured clockwise starting with the varsity jacket:

The varsity jackets this season, like the one shown here from (Choies $59), aren’t your plain jane varsity jacket – the fashion world has embellished on them with fun prints, patterns and colors for your wearing pleasure.

You can finally get away with wearing a pair of velvet shorts like the one shown here from (Chicnova $33), this season and shorts go great with the varsity jacket look!

Shorts may not keep you warm, but a pair of leggings underneath those shorts surely will, like the stylish ones shown here from (Chicnova $59) where the black&white style matches the trim of the varsity jacket.

What better way to dress up this look than with a pair of fashion-forward sneakers, like these chic foldable ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $59)!

A printed, collar blouse that matches the print of your varsity jacket, like this red-lip printed top shown here from (Chicnova $42) is definitely the way to go for this outfit.

Steal Her Look: Taylor Swift

We all know Taylor Swift for her songs about ex boyfriends on the radio, and her sweet disposition and style. Well, pictured above, stepped outside her goodie-goodie image and took a more athletic approach to her outfit that you can emulate too:

1. Jacket – Varsity jackets are obviously a trend Taylor Swift couldn’t pass up, so why should you? The bold block colors of a varsity jacket make them fun to wear and the oversized look is standard and comfy.

2. Shorts –  Dump the jeans and enjoy the crisp air outside from time to time this season. Mustard yellow shorts are a nice neutral color to wear this Fall too.

3. Top – Sometimes, simpler is better, and everyone has a blank white top to throw on, so this is the easiest part of this look.

4. Eyewear – All black rim and lenses for the shades. Nothing more, nothing less.

5. Shoes – Footzyfold’s Lace-Up in Grey are the perfect shoe to complete this outfit.  T-Swift herself is wearing lace-up flats, and Footzyfold’s lace-up flats are a step up with being foldable AND just as stylish!