Outfit Trend: Fabric Contrast

Outfit Trend: Fabric ContrastOutfit Trend

Pictured clockwise starting with the t-shirt dress:

T-shirt dresses like the one shown here from (Chicnova $36) are super trendy this season especially with contrast fabric sides.

Bundle up with a knit scarf like the one shown here from (Modcloth $21) that makes the perfect fashion accessory for the winter.

Gloves like the one shown here from (Modcloth $45) are super popular this season and the maroon bow ties on the gloves make them that more chic.

A maroon handbag like the one shown here from (Modcloth $58) is a stylish way to accessorize this winter.

These fashion forward ankle boots shown here from (Footzyfolds $69) are a must-have this season with their chic tassel details.

Outfit Trend: Class Act

Outfit Trend: Class Act

Outfit Trend

A stylish coat like the one shown here from (SheInside $82) is definitely the centerpiece of any outfit this winter.

Rectangular structured bags like the one shown here from (Chicnova $355) will match the chicness of your winter coat.

Print pants are trending this season so leopard print pants like these shown here from (SheInside $40) only make sense to wear this season.

These sequin flats shown here from (Footzyfolds $79) are a classic in the making with their hand-sewn sequin finish.

A pair of square color blocked earrings shown here from (Chicnova $10) keep in line with the geometric symmetry of your overall outfit.

Trend Alert: Slip Into Snakeskin

Trend Alert: Slip Into Snakeskin

The snakeskin pattern has been going in and out of fashion for ages, and this year, it’s back in. With a wide variety of choices, you can get almost any garment you want in snakeskin. Check out some of our must-have snakeskin items:

1. Jacket – A snakeskin jacket is just what you need this Fall. The chic pattern will edge up any look while maintaining a glamorous overall feel.

2. Leggings – spruce up any look with some snakeskin leggings. The great thing about snakeskin is it’s available in non-conventional colors like, red and purple as well as natural colors like brown and taupe, so it really can go with anything.

3. Handbag – A snakeskin handbag will go great with solid colors to give your outfit a bit of pop, or to match your leggings, belt, or shoes with it. Wear it anyway you want – that’s the beauty of this pattern!

4.Belt – If you don’t want to commit to a full on snakeskin ensemble, then show off a little bit of snakeskin with a small belt that potentially matches your handbag or shoes.

5. Flats - Footzyfold’s Snakeskin ballet flats will make you feel like a million bucks without having to spend that much. Aside from the luxurious print, the shoes are good quality, well-made, and comfortable to give you that balance of comfort and style.