Outfit Trend: Cup Of Tea

Outfit Trend: Cup Of Tea

Outfit Trend: Cup of Tea

Pictured clockwise starting with the dress:

A chic quilted dress like the one shown here from (Choies $50) makes for a great piece to center an outfit around because of its fun print and trendy peter pan collar.

Brighten up your outfit with an orange cardigan like the one shown here from (Chicnova $51) where it’ll really lift the spirit of your outfit up.

It’s cold out there this winter so a pair of gloves like the ones shown here from (Modcloth $15) with a chic bow on the wrist is a sweet and chic necessity.

A pair of quilted flats like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $65) are a match made in heaven with that quilted dress.

A blue and orange envelope clutch like the one shown here from (Modcloth $43) pulls in all the colors from your outfit while being a chic accessory in your hand this season.


Outfit Trend: Bold In Red

Outfit Trend: Bold In Red

Outfit Trend: Bold In Red

Pictured clockwise starting with a cardigan:

A trendy cardigan like this striped shown here from (Choies $50) is a great way to make a fashion statement this winter while keeping yourself warm and cozy.

This wool beret shown here from (Chicnova $35) will make you the envy of the town with its stylish jeweled embellishments.

A vibrant red dress like the one shown here from (Chicnova $89) makes for a bold and fashionable outfit this winter.

Jeweled flats like these shown here from (Footzyfolds $65) are a great way to wear jewels rather than just around your neck.

A bold red dress needs a bold red bag like the one shown here from (Chicnova $130).

Outfit Trend: Dynamic Denim

Outfit Trend: Dynamic Denim

Fashion trends have come and gone, but denim is here to stay. No matter what form it takes on, the denim trend is going strong and we’ll show you how to style this outfit trend this season:

Outfit Trend: Denim Dreams

Pictured clockwise starting with the dress:

A denim dress like the one shown here from (Chicnova $150) can be exactly what you need to loosen up your style from the heavy-fabric trends this winter.

Black tear-drop earrings like the ones shown here from (Modcloth $13) are a great way to compliment the buttons on your dress as well as add a bit of sparkle to your overall outfit.

Silk scarves like the one shown here from (Modcloth $10) are trending this season and can be accessorized in more ways than one like using it as a headband, a bracelet, and the classic scarf-around-your-neck style.

Mustard color items this season are hot, and this bag shown here from (Modcloth $86) is no exception to this rule.

Like those sparkly earrings, you want a pair of shoes that can stand out on their own like these gorgeous sequin flats shown here from (Footzyfolds $79).

Outfit Trend: Snow Leopard

Outfit Trend: Snow Leopard

Bundle up this winter in some of today’s hottest trends including leopard print. It’s important to stay chic in this cold weather and we show you how through this outfit trend:

Outfit Trend: Snow Leopard

Every fashionista needs a coat in her closet this winter and this stylish brown coat shown here from (Choies $107) with leopard faux fur accenting in the hood is the exact type of coat you should be looking at for the winter.

The leopard accenting on your coat matches this chic leopard dress shown here from (Chicnova $46) because leopard is a trending pattern this season, and you can’t go wrong with another dress in your winter wardrobe!

This gorgeous brown leather load bag shown here from (Modcloth $85) matches your coat perfectly and is spacious enough to carry a lot of items in it.

A pair of simple yet chic black flats like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $55) are great shoes to have this winter to match every outfit without a hassle.

It’s cold out there right now so you definitely want to wrap yourself up in a scarf like the one shown here from (Modcloth $25), and a black scarf can match not only this outfit but others you have this winter as well!

Outfit Trend: Day and Night

Outfit Trend: Day and Night

The trick with this outfit trend is that it needs to transition smoothly from an elegant day outfit to a chic night out out on the town gown in a matter of minutes. With the right accessories and clothing pieces, we’ll show you how to get this look while still remaining trendy this winter:

Outfit Trend: Day And Night

Pictured clockwise starting with the gold jacket:

The sequin gold jacket shown here from (Modcloth $90) is what transitions this outfit from day to night in a flash! All you have to do is put this jacket on over your dress and you’ll be good to go with looking fashionable because sequins are definitely a trending this season.

Pendant necklaces like this brilliant red rose pendant shown here from (Modcloth $12) add a romantic appeal to your day look that helps soften your image.

The great thing about a-line dress like the one shown here from (Modcloth $75) is their versatility so you can wear them day or night, and in this case, the red trim on the bottom of the dress adds a spice to your outfit that a solid black dress would lack.

Again, sequins are trending this winter, so sequin flats like these shown here from (Footzyfolds $79) are a great shoe that can easily transition with your outfit from day to night as well.

Sometimes less is more and with this outfit, a vibrant red clutch shown here from (Modcloth $30) not only matches the trim on the dress, but doesn’t bring your outfit down because of its small convenient size. Plus, you can still easily fit your Footzyfolds in it!

Outfit Trend: Free Spirit

Outfit Trend: Free Spirit

Let’s lose the sweater and cardigan for a moment and really just enjoy the cool winter breeze with this outdoorsy chic look. This outfit trend showcases a youthful yet fashionable side to your winter wardrobe so heck out these must-have items to get this look:

Outfit Trend: Free Spirit

Long sleeve lace dresses like this one shown here from (SheInside $35) are definitely a winter staple for fashionistas and this vibrant coloring will be sure to brighten up your closet!

Denim has made a comeback this season, and you can incorporate your denim into your look without wearing denim jeans! Instead, go for a denim vest, like the one shown here from (SheInside $33) that enhances that free spirit/hippie vibe of this outfit.

Small accessories can make a big difference, and with the animal motif going strong this season, an owl necklace like the one shown here from (SheInside $12) will keep you staying trendy this season.

This outfit trend calls for a hippie backpack like the one shown here from (Chicnova $151) with fringe detailing and jewels on the front.

There’s no better shoe for this outfit than tassel boots, like the one shown here from (Footzyfolds $69), that match the free flowing spirit of the rest of the outfit.

Outfit Trend: Bohemian Chic

Outfit Trend:  Bohemian Chic

Add a bit of bohemian flare to your wardrobe this season! Long flow-y dress, bright colors, and lots of accessories really make this outfit, so check out our must-have item list to get this outfit trend:

Trend Alert: Bohemian Chic

All of your time and energy should go into finding the perfect long, flow dress like the bright patterned one shown here from (Choies $71) because without the dress, you have no outfit.

Colorful yet minimal hoop earrings like the ones shown here from (Stella&Dot $54) help you embrace your inner hippie.

A gold leaf cuff bracelet like the one shown here from (Stella&Dot $98) brings a peace & mother nature loving vibe to your outfit that bohemian styles usually exude.

A rivited solid color bag that matches your dress like the one shown here from (Choies $70) really accentuates the vibrant color of your bohemian chic dress.

Flashy gold sequin flats like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $79) help piece together all the gold elements throughout your outfit.


Outfit Trend:Striking Contrasts

Outfit Trend: Striking Contrasts

Sometimes the most simple colors can make for a stunning outfit when put together. In this case, black & white are two colors that result in a fashionably striking contrast. Here are the black&white must-haves this season:

fashion trend alert

1. Outerwear – This elegant white blazer with black trim makes a bold statement in a subtle way. Throw it on with an all black or all white outfit, and then you’re golden.

2. Dress – This shirt dress is not only fashionable because of it’s color scheme, but also because of its statement collar which is big this season. The little black belt around the waist helps tie in the bold contrasting collar as well.

3. Pant – A splash of black on an all white jean may seem simple but still makes a fashion statement.

4. Clutch – Color blocked clutches are all the rage this season, and what better way to incorporate this trend that to have clashing colors with a sophisticated black & white clutch?

5. Footzyfolds – Aside from sequins being oh so popular this season, the color blocked trend continues into the shoe department with this array of mutual silver and black shades of sequins layered upon each other with Footzyfolds Sparkle Burst in Multi Black.


5 Footzyfolds To Match Your Wedding Dress

5 Footzyfolds To Match Your Wedding Dress

Don’t let heels hold you back on your big day – bring a pair of Footzyfolds to change into, and give them as gifts to your bridesmaids too! Here are our 5 picks for Footzyfolds that match this upcoming bridal season’s trending gowns:


This gorgeous white gown accented with a black belt makes for a stunning contrast. When it’s time to kick the heels off, it’s time to slip on a Holly in Black Footzyfold!


Red in many cultures equates to good luck, and this Vera Wang red dress would be beautiful for any lucky girl to wear on her wedding day. The Velvet in Wine Footzyfolds matches this dress to a tee so you can keep the good luck vibes starting from head to toe.


The smallest details can make the biggest of difference as shown in this crystal jeweled gown. The Sugar in Silver Footzyfolds would be the perfect match for this gown once the heels come off and the real party begins!


This classy, smooth, and refined silhouette  dress makes the perfect pair with Footzyfold’s luxurious Cora in Cream. The color schemes match as well as the aura of elegance they emit.


The subtle silver detailing in the address will really come to life with the modest Betsy in Silver Footzyfolds. These are definitely a pair of Footzyfolds you’ll want to even wear again and again even after the wedding party is over!

Trend Alert: Military Chic

Trend Alert: Military Chic

Military Chic is all about strong yet refined women. The vibe of this look is all about strong, independent women, so wear this style proudly while still being pretty.

trend alert: military chic

1. Jacket – Military jackets are a classic piece of fall outwear. They make a bold statement while retaining a certain refined quality about them.

2. Eyewear – Glasses are still trending this fall, and in order to complete the whole bad-girl military look, a pair of shades tops it off.

3. Dress – The military pleating on this dress is what makes it a part of the military chic look. Pair it up with a military styled jacket this fall, and in the words of Tyra Banks, you’ll be looking fierce!

4. Footzyfolds – Boots are an essential part of this look- you wouldn’t be able to complete it with any other shoe therefore! Footzyfolds makes a revolutionary foldable tassel boot that fits this look perfectly.

5. Bag – The bigger the bag, the better for this looks. A leather bag usually does the trick and can be used in other fall looks too.