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All About Feet and Shoes The Good, Bad and Ugly

Any woman who has ever limped home after a day at work or a party should give thanks to Jennifer and Sarah Caplan. The sisters, after finding themselves in the same situation one too many times, developed Footzyrolls, foldable stylish flats. Read on to learn all about them.

Which style of shoes is most likely to cause pain? Least likely?

Pointy toe stilettos with a really thin heel that gives your foot an arch causes the most pain. Footzyrolls or Footzyfolds flats, of course, will cause the least amount of pain. They will provide the most comfort and style.

What causes shoes to be uncomfortable?

Most heels, as well as flats, are uncomfortable due to the fact that women are wearing the wrong size. Footzyrolls and Footzyfolds have been made to actually fit a variety of sizes with one shoe. We have designed it with comfy elastic to fit a spectrum of sizes so that you are not just going to buy one size—y ou are buying a size range that enables you to get the correct fit. Another reason shoes are uncomfortable is because the materials used may not give, and the shoe may feel too rigid. Our materials are soft and stretchy, allowing for maximum comfort and room for the foot. We personally pick and feel each material that we choose for our shoes to ensure the most comfort and style. If we wouldn’t wear it on our feet, then we aren’t putting it in the Footzyrolls line.

What’s the best toe shape for comfort?

At Footzyrolls we pride ourselves in having a knack for creating comfort as well as style, and, while there are many styles that we love, we both agree the round toe is the best toe shape for comfort. It provides a little extra room so your toes aren’t scrunched up. It’s not just the shape but also the feel of the shoe—we recommend the elastic on a shoe be on the sides, which we have done with some of our styles, like the safari loafer.T he safari loafer is the only compact foldable loafer in the marketplace.

Should women give up on certain shoes if they cause pain?

We love fashion and sometimes it is really painful. We are not doctors, and I am sure that if a doctor recommends that a woman needs to give up a specific shoe, then she may have to. However, we created Footzyrolls and Footzyfolds just so that a woman does not have to give up her most prized possession. We know the Footzyrolls will treat her tortured tootsies. So we say ……..KEEP EM!

How can achy feet be prevented?

When you have your feet in heels, of course they are going to ache. We think that if you always have a spare pair of Footzyrolls or Footzyfolds with you in the car or in the office or in your purse, you will avoid the terrible achy feet feeling, because you will always be able to give your feet a break with Footzyrolls! We have a love/hate relationship with our heels and insist on wearing them like every other woman out there, but we always make sure to carry a pair of stylish Footzyrolls with us at all times.

Footzyrolls are a great idea! Will they ease issues other than burning feet?

Yes, they are for more than just burning feet. Footzyfolds are compact, while footzyrolls are ultra-compact. Now each woman has two amazing products to choose from, or most buy both, because they serve multiple purposes. Footzyrolls, which is the ultra compact shoe, can literally fit into the tiniest clutch bag. Our Footzyfolds line is also compact and rolls and folds, but are more substantial and can be worn all day long like a regular shoe.

What’s the smallest size/style of bag that you’ve been able to fit a pair of Footzyrolls in?

The smallest handbag our Footzyrolls has ever fit in is a Judith Leiber clutch or a Clara Kassavina small bag. Sometimes, when going to a wedding, we haven’t even brought handbags andhave put them in our husbands’ back pockets!

What’s the best type of shoe to wear if a woman is going to be on her feet all day, but she doesn’t want to make a style sacrifice?

The Footzyfolds would be suggested because they are comfortable, lightweight and have support.The styles in our Footzyfolds line are on trend, and they are reasonably priced at less than $40 dollars a pair.

What are your favorite styles of shoes? Least favorite? Why?

We love all shoe styles, especially flats! We are always looking at styles and creating trends, which we love to bring into the new collections. Currently, we are working on a rollable sneaker, called Footzysneaks, which is set to launch in the spring 2012. It comes in amazing colors, and it is totally trendy, with two tones and color blocking techniques that are so hot right now. The Footzysneak is great for the trendy traveler, who wants a cute pair of compact sneakers for yoga, or for the girl on the run that wants to look fashionable. Our least favorite style would be kitten heels. Either wear high heels or wear flats.

Besides Footzyrolls, what are some other must-haves for an evening bag?

All you really need are Footzyrolls and,obviously, Chanel lipgloss and a cell phone

What’s it like working with your sister?

Working with your sister is amazing. We never stop generating ideas about what we are going to create next! We speak more than 20 times a day and even call each other while we are in the middle of sleeping at 3am if we have a new idea!