Outfit Trend: Holiday Glitter

Outfit Trend: Holiday Glitter

Outfit Trend

Embrace various colors and patterns with this chic holiday-ready cardigan shown here from (Chicnova $83).

This beautiful necklace shown here from (Modcloth $14) lets the colors in your outfit now be worn around your neck.

These wide-leg pants shown here from (Chicnova $113) will make you look tall, slender, and stylish this season and the red color of the pants are very festive.

Gold is a trending color so these lace-up shoes shown here from (Footzyfolds $59) are definitely trendy with its gold cap toe.

Studs are seen everywhere on the fashion scene so this studded bag shown here from (Modcloth $69) makes you the ultimate style master this season.

Outfit Trend: Neutralizer

Outfit Trend: Neutralizer

Wearing neutral colors has never looked so chic before as this season is all about earth tones like browns, blacks, grays, blues, and greens. Check out how to get this must-have outfit trend this winter:

Outfit Trend: Neutralizer

Pictured clockwise starting with the dress:

This season is all about the waist and a dress like the one shown here from (SheInside $39) that definitely accentuates your waist and is a chic neutral brown.

A wool round hat like the one shown here from (Modcloth $40) gives your outfit a taste of vintage chic while still being trendy today by using a blend of neutral colors.

To accentuate your waist even more, a trendy braided belt like the one shown here from (Chicnova $32) can be worn with your dress.

Add a pop of color to your outfit with your bag like this stylish blue & brown bucket bag shown here from (Chicnova $83).

Finish off your outfit with ever so chic tweed flats like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $59) to match that fabric hat you’ll be wearing.

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Summer Trend: Retro Beach-wear

Summer Trend: Retro-Beach Wear

Summer is in full force, and no matter where you live, you’ve gotta dress the part. Here are some summer trends we’ve noticed that you need to get on right away!


Bold patterns are a must-have this summer season. Crazy fun designs, and interesting prints will have everyone doing a double-take (in a good way!) when they look at you. Get on the pattern trend and join the fun.


It’s time to break-up with your long-sleeved clothing and dump them like they’re last year’s trend (oh wait, they kinda are…). No sleeves will keep you cool and trendy this summer!


I don’t know how many times I have to reiterate that colors are your friend this summer. Your nail polish need to be a blend of 60s bubblegum pink meets 80s neon, and your shoes should definitely pop out from your outfit.


Tote bags are the perfect summer bag to store all of your beach-gear like towels, sunglasses, a camera, etc. They come in a variety of colors so you can have one to match each of your outfits!


Brighten Up Your Summer With Denim

Word on the street is bright denim is making a come back this summer! The bright denim style which made it’s way onto the fashion scene around the 80s and then re-appeared around 2008-09, has re-emerged once again, this time in a more fine-tuned manner.

The bright denim style was once known for its neon color selection, but this new-found bright denim is actually a bit more muted, using soft pastel colors that are more fashion forward rather than a fashion disaster.

There are tons of colors to choose from, but bright denim usually can be found as skinny jeans or shorts.

Picture courtesy of Frugal-Fashionistas.com

Never one to miss a trend, Footzyrolls has the bright denim style covered with our Le Sport in Denim & Red as shown below. Vibrant and trendy, the Le Sport is our first rollable sneaker that will complement any outfit.


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Sizzlin’ Summer Shoe Picks

Summer may be in full swing, but it’s not too late to slip into this summer’s style. I mean, whoever said there’s anything wrong with being fashionably late?

So here are our top 5 sizzlin’ summer picks to help you step into style:

Color Me Stoked

Summer attire is always about color, so why not have a shoe that matches every outfit?  Loriblu agrees with their elastic rainbow shoes pictured above.

The colors don’t stop once the heels come off with Footzyfold’s multi-colored striped Hamptons. The comfy and compact shoe showcases a striped pattern of vibrant colors that’ll match virtually  any outfit you wear – blue, red, pink, green, yellow – no matter what we’ve got you covered!

Open Toed

Show off your freshly done pedicure with a little open toed shoe as shown with Steve Madden’s shoe above.

However, you wouldn’t wear high heels to the salon like you wouldn’t wear them to go hiking. So slip into a pair of Footzyfold’s Modern Mod in pink first, and still be able to let your toes breathe.

Pointed and Poised

A pointed shoe adds a bit of elegance to your summer attire as shown in Vera Wang’s heels above.

But you don’t have to stop looking chic once the heels come off as long as you have Footzyfold’s Fresca shoe. There’s an understated elegance about the Fresca that’s perfect to class up any summer look.

Textured Tactics

You’ve got colored shoes, you’ve got certain styled shoes, but now what you need in your closet is some texture! Liven up your outfit with a textured shoe as shown above in Brian Atwood’s green heels.

You can keep the textured look all day long with Footzyfold’s Boston shoe!

Laced Up, Not Down

You can finally lace up with your favorite shoe this summer without having to dress down as shown with these Dolce & Gabbana heels.

And you can continue to look fashion forward with Footzyfold’s Le Sport in Denim and Red. Both the colors and the shoe laces allow you to not miss a step in this summer’s fashion trends.

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