Outfit Trend: Black & Yellow

Outfit Trend: Black & Yellow

Outfit Trend

Pictured clockwise starting with the sweater:

Contrasting colors and color blocking go hand in hand this winter so this yellow and black sweater shown here from (Choies $45) is an absolute dream for a trendy fashionista.

Striking bright colors are here to stay this winter so this vibrant yellow purse shown here from (Chicnova $96) is ready to make your outfit stand out.

Colors aren’t the only way to make a statement as is the case with this fashionable tempest necklace shown here from (Stella&Dot $198).

Ankle boots like these shown here from (Footzyfolds $69) are definitely at the top of the list for trendiest shoes this fashion season.

A skirt is one of those all year long fashion trends where in this case, the one shown here from (Choies $42) embodies the school-girl fashion trend that was prevalent on the runway for designer’s fall/winter collection.


Outfit Trend: Army Jacket Girl

Outfit Trend: Army Jacket Girl

Outfit Trend:

The military look was spotted on the runway time and time again so this contrast sleeve army green jacket shown here from (Chicnova $395) is a stylish piece to add to your winter wardrobe.

Soften up your military chic look with a floral shirt like the one shown here from (Chicnova $39) that’s knitted to perfection for winter.

A bit of ripped detailing on your jeans like these shown here from (Chicnova $75) can present a more tomboy appeal to this outfit.

You won’t see heels anywhere near this outfit so these black flats shown here from (Footzyfolds $55) are perfect for the simplicity of this look.

Your outfit might not be the fanciest thing you wear, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish so a chic bag like this tote shown here from (Chicnova $133) is still a must.

Outfit Trend: Floral Winter

Outfit Trend: Floral Winter

Pictured clockwise starting with the blouse:

Floral shirts like this one shown here from (Choies $29) are definitely trending this season so there’s no doubt about it that every fashionista should own one.

The color blocking trend continues and this handbag shown here from (Chicnova $98) makes for a stylish accent to your outfit to incorporate the  multiple colors from your floral top.

A pendant like this gorgeous one shown here from (Chicnova $10) is not only trendy but will give your outfit that extra style spark it may lack.

Winter is the color of earth tones so a pair of fashionable brown flats like these shown here from (Footzyfolds $59) make for a great winter shoe.

A pencil skirt like the one shown here from (Choies $38) is smart and stylish so it definitely gets marked down on the must-have list this season.


Outfit Trend: Color Block

Outfit Trend: Color Block

Outfit Trend:

Sweaters like the chic v-neck one shown here from (Chicnova $36) are a great thrown on and go out the door piece to wear this season while still looking stylish.

The color block trend is going strong this season so this color blocked cross-body bag shown here from (Chicnova $70) with it’s contrasting vibrant colors is super trendy.

Bright pants are still in, so these fabulous orange trousers shown here from (Chicnova $83) will look super chic with this outfit this season.

Shimmery shoes will brighten up your outfit like these sparkly loafers shown here from (Footzyfolds $65).

A pair of earrings like these multi-color feather ones shown here from (Chicnova $11) will tie all the colors in your outfit together.

Outfit Trend: Laidback Style

Outfit Trend: Laidback Style

It’s hard to find a balance between being laidback with your style and then too laidback. There’s a certain art to looking casual yet chic and we show you with this outfit trend how to accomplish this look:

Outfit Trend: Laidback Style

Pictured clockwise starting with the sweater:

For all of you who like to wear comfy clothes, then you’re in luck as sweaters are in-style and this color block sweater shown here from (SheInside $33) makes for a super trendy and comfy top.

The abstract design of the bag shown here from (Chicnova $122) gives the vibe of a casual look while still being ultra chic.

A pair of black pants like the one shown here from (SheInside $29) are super versatile with their look and can be dressed up or down.

Sneakers can be trendy too especially the one shown here from (Footzyfolds $59) where it has a stylish gold cap toe.

A pair of stud earrings like these gold star ones shown here from (SheInside $12) aren’t too flashy so you can wear them casually while still looking stylish.

Outfit Trend: Modern Chic

Outfit Trend: Modern Chic

Clean lines and solid colors characterize this outfit trend, and if you throw into the mix a couple of other trends this season, you’ll have one stylish look this winter. Here’s how to get this look today:

Outfit Trend: Oversized coats, skirts, and boots

Pictured clockwise starting with the coat:

A color block coat like this red, white, and black one shown here from (SheInside $51) is an ultra chic piece to own this season.

Subtle circular details like the round buttons on a coat or studs on a clutch can be accented with stylish hoop earrings like the ones shown here from (Stella&Dot $44).

Smaller can sometimes be better and a rhinestone clutch like the one shown here from (Choies $51) is a cute accessory to add to your outfit.

A pleated skirt like the one shown here from (SheInside $27) is both flirty and fun and bring some liveliness to your outfit.

Boots are the go-to shoe this season, and tassel boots like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $69) match this outfit trend any many others!

Outfit Trend: Cardigans, Midi-Skirts, Colored Bags & More

Outfit Trend: Cardigans, Midi-Skirts, Colored Bags & More

fashion trend alert: cardigans, midi skirts, colored bags & more1. Outerwear – Cardigans are a lovely piece to wear this time of year before the real winter weather kicks in. The versatility of a cardigan is what makes it so great because they look good in both dressier and casual situations.

2. Footzyfolds – Earth tones like brown, black, and grey are the color guide to your shoe collection this season. The footzyfolds Boucle happens to come in these color selections so you can have a shoe to match every outfit.

3. Eyewear – The hipster black thick-rimmed glasses trend is falling to the wayside of the neutral colored frame. It’s time to stop looking like dorks and instead go from geek to chic by simply changing the frame of your glasses/sunglasses.

4. Skirt – A midi-skirt gives your fall look a breezy feel. Just remember, patterns over solids when you’re looking to purchase your next one.

5. Bag – Colored bags are the way to go this season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be the brightest colors. Darker tones are just as nice and a color block look is better than just one solid color.