Outfit Trend: Snow Leopard

Outfit Trend: Snow Leopard

Bundle up this winter in some of today’s hottest trends including leopard print. It’s important to stay chic in this cold weather and we show you how through this outfit trend:

Outfit Trend: Snow Leopard

Every fashionista needs a coat in her closet this winter and this stylish brown coat shown here from (Choies $107) with leopard faux fur accenting in the hood is the exact type of coat you should be looking at for the winter.

The leopard accenting on your coat matches this chic leopard dress shown here from (Chicnova $46) because leopard is a trending pattern this season, and you can’t go wrong with another dress in your winter wardrobe!

This gorgeous brown leather load bag shown here from (Modcloth $85) matches your coat perfectly and is spacious enough to carry a lot of items in it.

A pair of simple yet chic black flats like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $55) are great shoes to have this winter to match every outfit without a hassle.

It’s cold out there right now so you definitely want to wrap yourself up in a scarf like the one shown here from (Modcloth $25), and a black scarf can match not only this outfit but others you have this winter as well!

Outfit Trend: Spunky School Girl

Outfit Trend: Spunky School Girl

Re-live your high-school days in the most fashionable way possible with this spunky school girl style! Add a dash of prep, a dash of nerd, and a dash of fashionista, and then combine it all together to create one fashion-forward outfit trend! Check out these must-have items to get this look:

outfit trend: Spunky School girl
Pictured clockwise starting with the sweater:

There’s nothing better than fitting two trends in one piece of clothing, like how this sweater from (Choies $39) has both a trending contrasting collar and utilizes a fabulous print!

A quilted purse like this stylish one shown here from (Chicnova $131) gives your school girl look a fashionable edge.

Flare skirts, like the one shown here from (Choies $39), really gives your outfit that fun, spunky, school girl vibe that we’re looking to re-create.

The chic quilted flats like the one shown here from (Footzyfolds $65) brings another element of high-fashion taste to this outfit.

A dash of geek chic shines through with thick-rimmed glasses like the ones shown here from (Chicnova $24).


Outfit Trend: 1920s Flapper

Outfit Trend:  1920s Flapper

The golden age for just about everything, including fashion, was definitely the roaring ’20s, and today, the fashionable styling from that era still inspires our clothing. Get these must-have items for an outfit trend that continues to trend through the years!

Trend Alert: 1920s Flapper

There has to be some kind of fur outerwear in order to really make this outfit, and this jewel-encrusted fur vest shown here from (Choies $59), is the perfect piece to represent such a classy and spirited decade.

A beautiful cloche, like the gold-banded one shown here from (Bebe $44), is a classic piece for this outfit that really represents the 20s well.

Form fitting dresses with fringe detailing like this gorgeous gray dress shown here from (Chicnova $53), is a modern twist to a throwback style, and a gold chain enhances the flapper style.

Jeweled flats like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $65), really match the time of the era of flashy jewelry and clothing.

A wool purse like the one shown here from (Choies $89), represent the high-end luxury style of this ’20s look.

Outfit Trend: Gold Embellishments

Outfit Trend:  Gold Embellishments

Embellish, embellish, embellish on your garments this season! The old saying “less is more” definitely shouldn’t apply to your winter wardrobe, instead, you should be wearing beautiful, ornate, and baroque-style clothing as it’s definitely trending right now.

Trend Alert: Gold Embellishments


Pictured clockwise starting with the coat:

The season has finally come to whip out your trench coats – but don’t just put on any ‘ol trench coat, where a beautifully gold embroidered one with intricate designs like the one shown here from (Choies $132).

It’s all about the gold, and this gorgeous long-sleeve top shown here from (Choies $84), is a great way to incorporate classic baroque-inspired clothing into your wardrobe this season.

Be ready to make a statement with metal gold chains draping from leggings like the ones shown here from (Choies $34). White is a nice contrast against the gold so definitely stick with a lighter colored pant or legging to make these accents “pop” more.

A gold cap toe on a shoe like these foldable sneakers from (Footzyfolds $59) will have everyone saying “ooh la la” when they see you!

Gold chain purses like the fabulous one shown here from (Chicnova $43) are even further enhanced with little gold studs – so make the best of both trends and get a purse that has both!

Outfit Trend: Bohemian Chic

Outfit Trend:  Bohemian Chic

Add a bit of bohemian flare to your wardrobe this season! Long flow-y dress, bright colors, and lots of accessories really make this outfit, so check out our must-have item list to get this outfit trend:

Trend Alert: Bohemian Chic

All of your time and energy should go into finding the perfect long, flow dress like the bright patterned one shown here from (Choies $71) because without the dress, you have no outfit.

Colorful yet minimal hoop earrings like the ones shown here from (Stella&Dot $54) help you embrace your inner hippie.

A gold leaf cuff bracelet like the one shown here from (Stella&Dot $98) brings a peace & mother nature loving vibe to your outfit that bohemian styles usually exude.

A rivited solid color bag that matches your dress like the one shown here from (Choies $70) really accentuates the vibrant color of your bohemian chic dress.

Flashy gold sequin flats like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $79) help piece together all the gold elements throughout your outfit.


Outfit Trend: Howlin’ Houndstooth

Outfit Trend:  Howlin’ Houndstooth

The houndstooth pattern can be seen everywhere this season on just about any type of garment. Check out these houndstooth must-have items to spruce up your winter wardrobe with this great outfit trend:

Trend Alert: Houndstooth

Pictured clockwise starting with the hat:

Can’t go wrong with a snazzy houndstooth printed cabbie like the one shown here from (Bebe $29) this season; especially if you want to spice up an all black&white outfit!

A leather/houndstooth combo like the stylish peplum jacket shown here from (Choies $54), would give you MAJOR  style points this season!

A contrasting black leather collar with an all houndstooth printed gown like the one shown here from (Chicnova $39) makes a subtle yet very fashionable statement.

Houndstooth shoes are hard to come by, and when you do find a pair like these chic flats from (Footzyfolds $59), you’ll give every girl shoe envy!

A houndstooth accented dress with a dominant color figure like this ultra-trendy one shown here from (Choies $51), is a good stepping stone into the houndstooth print for those who aren’t ready to dive into a fully printed gown yet!


Outfit Trend: Vintage Cowboy

Outfit Trend: Vintage Cowboy

You’d probably never thought you’d see a high-fashion cowboy (or should I say cowgirl?), but some of the top designers adhered to this trend on the runway this season, so we’re showing you how to glam up your wild-wild west look!

outfit trend: Vintage Cowboy

A gorgeous shirt accented with a lace collar, like the one shown here from (Choies $38), is an essential part of this look as it creates the cowgirl vibe from the get go.

Trade in that wild wild west gun holster for something a little more chic but still rebellious like a small leather purse with some punk accents like the skull one shown here from (Choies $47).

Cropped trousers like these wonderfully chic ones shown here from (Bebe $95), are definitely another must on your check-off list to get this look.

A little suede can’t hurt you for this vintage cowboy look, especially if it’s on your shoes like these suede-top loafers from (Footzyfolds $65).

Add a touch of tough-girl style with bracelets like these studded/silver bunch shown here from (Stella&Dot $32).

Outfit Trend: Beautiful Beige

Outfit Trend: Beautiful Beige

This is the perfect time of year to have neutral colors reign your wardrobe. Beige, brown, light-brown, and colors within that family are what you should focus on when selecting your outfits. Here are some must-have items that are trendy both color-wise and style-wise:

Trend Alert: Beautiful Beige

Pictured clockwise starting with the blouse:

A peter pan collared blouse, like this dainty flower-lace one shown here from (Choies $60), is an easy way to make beige the dominant color of your outfit while still keeping in line with the statement collar trend.

Wrap yourself up in a soft and decadent scarf like the one shown here from (Choies $20), which also lends itself as a good way of adding beige into your outfit subtly.

Boots are the perfect candidate for adding an earth-tone color into your outfit since they usually come in 3 colors: black, brown, and gray, like these tassel boots shown here from (Footzyfolds $69),

There’s nothing better than a pair of vintage-inspired, printed high-wasted pants like the ones shown here from (Choies $60), to kick-off your beige winter outfit trend.

Stay warm this season in nothing but the best beige and soft boyfriend cardigan like the one shown here from (Chicnova $35).

Outfit Trend: 60s Mod

Outfit Trend: 60s Mod

The 60s were a time of great fashion revelations and now in the present day we try to recreate the good times had back then through the hip styling of that era. Check out these must-have items to get this look:

Trend Alert: 60s Mod

Pictured clockwise starting with the polka-dot shirt:

There isn’t a better print that represents the age of the 1960s than the classic and oh so chic polkadots as represented in this beutiful polkadotted blouse from (Choies $34).

We’ve mentioned in previous posts that gold-chained strapped purses are the way to go, and when you pair them up with a quilt purse like the one shown here from (Bebe $129), you’ve got the ultimate bag this season.

Pencil skirts like the one shown here from (Bebe $125) are a fantastic addition to any fashionista’s closet, especially in the color black, because you can change up your look simply by just changing the top you wear.

Elegant quilted flats are pretty luxurious like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $65), and make a nice pairing alongside a quilted bag like the one in this outfit!

A round pair of shades like the ones shown here from (Chicnova $40) definitely completes this 60s Mod look!

Outfit Trend: Stylish Tomboy

Outfit Trend: Stylish Tomboy

Every girl is guilty of raiding their boyfriend’s closet and wearing their shirt or jacket from time to time, but now you can get the same comfy look in a more stylish way with clothes that actually fit you!

Trend Alert: Stylish Tomboy

Pictured clockwise starting with the denim shirt: 

Believe it or not, denim button-up shirts,like the chic one shown here from (Choies $34) with cute buttons, are actually trending this season, and give off a very casual yet stylish vibe.

It’s time to break out your jewelry box and any pendants you have like this classic gold leaf one shown here from (Stella&Dot $19), is a must-wear this time of year!

Kick back with some lace-up sneakers like these fabulous foldable ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $59) for your next adventure this season.

Floral pants are all the rage this season, and the only thing that can make these even trendier than they already are is if your pants are high-wasted like the ones shown here from (Chicnova $42).

Faux fur + red = one very fashionable piece of clothing like this rugged faux-fur collared jacket shown here from (Chicnova $102), which will keep you warm this winter as well as trendy.