12 Black and White Sweaters

Outfit Trend: Goth Glam

Outfit Trend: Goth Glam

An interesting balance between Intricate designs and embroidery and the color black is what makes this goth glam outfit trend come to life. There was definitely a gothic revitalization on the runway for the fall/winter season, but the designs and styles of the clothes were still very fashionable. Here’s out to get your own fashionable outfit trend with this look:

Outfit Trend: Goth Glam

Pictured clockwise starting with the sweater:

What sets this sweater a part from most this winter is the brocade-esque detailing as shown here on this sweater from (Choies); the detailing is highly desirable for this outfit trend and super fashionable in general.

You don’t usually associate sparkly things with a gothic look like this jeweled clutch shown here from (Chicnova $88), however, a gothic look in fashion isn’t your average run of the mill all black outfit, but rather includes jewels and intricate designs to make for a more high-fashion appeal.

This time of year is cold and if you dare wear shorts, you’re probably wearing a pair of leggings like these shown here from (Chicnova $23) to keep your legs shielded from the cold weather.

Jeweled flats like the ones shown here from (Footzyfolds $65) continue to incorporate jewels into your gothic look for a glam look versus a bland look.

Silk embellished woolen shorts like the ones shown here from (Choies $39) are a great pairing for your embroidered brocade sweater and complement the outfit nicely.

Outfit Trend:Striking Contrasts

Outfit Trend: Striking Contrasts

Sometimes the most simple colors can make for a stunning outfit when put together. In this case, black & white are two colors that result in a fashionably striking contrast. Here are the black&white must-haves this season:

fashion trend alert

1. Outerwear – This elegant white blazer with black trim makes a bold statement in a subtle way. Throw it on with an all black or all white outfit, and then you’re golden.

2. Dress – This shirt dress is not only fashionable because of it’s color scheme, but also because of its statement collar which is big this season. The little black belt around the waist helps tie in the bold contrasting collar as well.

3. Pant – A splash of black on an all white jean may seem simple but still makes a fashion statement.

4. Clutch – Color blocked clutches are all the rage this season, and what better way to incorporate this trend that to have clashing colors with a sophisticated black & white clutch?

5. Footzyfolds – Aside from sequins being oh so popular this season, the color blocked trend continues into the shoe department with this array of mutual silver and black shades of sequins layered upon each other with Footzyfolds Sparkle Burst in Multi Black.


Outfit Trend: Dark Princess

Outfit Trend: Dark Princess

Take a step into the dark-side this Fall with the Dark Princess look. You’ll be decked out in black from head to toe all while still making a fashion statement. Check out the must-haves to complete this look:

outfit trend: dark princess

1. Top – A sheer black blouse sets the tone of this darker yet edgy outfit. Black is a top trending color for Fall and mix it with the trending fabric, sheer, and you’ve got one haute look.

2. Pant – Embellished pants are a must-have that gives character to this look. It’s not just plain black from head to toe, but rather subtle details that make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

3. Outerwear –  Capes are no longer just for super heroes, but are now for super fashionistas. You can’t go wrong with a cape this Fall, and it definitely compliments the entire look as a whole.

4. Footzyfolds – The Betsy in Black is the perfect way to complete this look. It’s not an over-complicated shoe with weird designs, but rather a simple black shoe that let’s the rest of the outfit do the talkin’.


New York Fashion Week Wrap-Up

New York Fashion Week Wrap-Up

Fashion week started out with a bang on September 6th and it wrapped up it’s week long fashion festivities in New York City yesterday and is heading to London, Paris & Milan. We’re here to give you the low-down on emerging trends for Spring 2013:

new york fashion week

1. Cuffed Shoes

Of course here at Footzyfolds, we love to look at the latest trends in shoes, and it was all about the cuffed ankles for spring.

2. Sheer

Sheer tops were another trend to hit the runway at NYFW. Some designers embraced it more than others like Calvin Klein.

3. Black & White

Black & White is a dominant color that was seen throughout many collections at NYFW. Classic colors in any spring collection, they were paired nicely with other trends like stripes.

4. Cutouts

Cutouts we’re another trend that was seen in various designers clothing. Cutouts in this case were strategically placed and were seen being used in various fabrics and material like leather or sheer.

5. Stripes

Stripes are haute for the Spring season. They were simple and sophisticated though and not overbearing.