Great Graduation Gifts Under $100

Don’t think is it so easy to pick out the perfect graduation gift it really can be tougher then you think. We Footzyfolds, the leader in Foldable Flats and fashion ideas have some great picks for you.
Mushroom Green Zero Wall Travel Charger

Mushroom Green Zero Wall Travel Charger

A Jetsonian gadget that’s green in more ways than one: It shuts off when it’s finished charging a smartphone or an iAnything.

To buy: $22,


Bullhorn Speaker

Bullhorn Speaker

Technology that’s so last century. A silicone megaphone triples the sound of an iPhone—no batteries necessary. (Music to our ears.)

To buy: $10,


great shoes for graduation

Nude and mesh almond toe foldable flats go with any outfit

Walking in the graduation ceremony can be a blast with your friends at your side, and you really want to be comfy! Don’t forget to choose Footzyfolds Foldable Flats in the Nude color ( which really go with any dress any time)


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Savannah Guthrie’s diamond engagement Ring Says- Its Time to Get Footzyfolds for the Wedding!!!!

Silver Footzyfolds for brides bridesmaids and the entire wedding party

The ‘Today’ anchor showed off her big bling on Monday’s show AND may be getting Footzyfolds for the wedding!!!!


2013 Spring Fashion Inspired by The Great Gatsby Movie


nude flats

fashion and style trends inspired from the Movie The Great Gatsby Clockwise from top left 
peach dress: Ax Paris ~ green enamel necklace: Fifty Plus ~ beaded clutch: Dune
scalloped shell: Vestry ~ chandelier earrings: Dress Me Forever
feather headband: Accessories Direct ~ beaded shorts: River Island ~ black beaded tunic: Ruby Ray Nude Footzyfolds with Sheer Mesh 


5 Footzyfolds To Match Your Wedding Dress

5 Footzyfolds To Match Your Wedding Dress

Don’t let heels hold you back on your big day – bring a pair of Footzyfolds to change into, and give them as gifts to your bridesmaids too! Here are our 5 picks for Footzyfolds that match this upcoming bridal season’s trending gowns:


This gorgeous white gown accented with a black belt makes for a stunning contrast. When it’s time to kick the heels off, it’s time to slip on a Holly in Black Footzyfold!


Red in many cultures equates to good luck, and this Vera Wang red dress would be beautiful for any lucky girl to wear on her wedding day. The Velvet in Wine Footzyfolds matches this dress to a tee so you can keep the good luck vibes starting from head to toe.


The smallest details can make the biggest of difference as shown in this crystal jeweled gown. The Sugar in Silver Footzyfolds would be the perfect match for this gown once the heels come off and the real party begins!


This classy, smooth, and refined silhouette  dress makes the perfect pair with Footzyfold’s luxurious Cora in Cream. The color schemes match as well as the aura of elegance they emit.


The subtle silver detailing in the address will really come to life with the modest Betsy in Silver Footzyfolds. These are definitely a pair of Footzyfolds you’ll want to even wear again and again even after the wedding party is over!

Pair up your favorite wedding trends with Footzyfolds

Pair up your favorite wedding trends with Footzyfolds

There are so many trends and styles nowadays that’s it’s hard to keep up with what you should be doing with your wedding. Here are 3 trends that you should be keeping in mind for your wedding, and 3 wedding party shoes we recommend that match those trends:

Metallic Cakes are all the rage in wedding trends right now. The sparkly appearance yet yummy taste of the cake is a twist on the original white wedding cake with flowers. The designs can be just as elegant, if not more so, with the gold finishing that glistens in the light. Have your shoes match the shine of your cake to add another twist to an old tradition.

Footzyfolds Recommends: Sparkle Burst in Gold

Statement Necklaces are more than just a huge piece of jewelry around your neck, but more of a way to add a stand-out signature piece to your otherwise traditional wedding attire. Don’t let your shoes go unnoticed either by having them stand out from the norm as well.

Footzyfolds Recommends: Nika in Silver

Colors play a big part in weddings nowadays. Long gone are the days of weddings consisting of just white and blue; it’s time to welcome some pinks, greens, and purples into your color schemes. A pop of color can be in included in any part of your wedding, including your wedding party shoes you change into.

Footzyfolds RecommendsSnake Ballet in Purple

Bridal Shoe Trends 2012

Although you’re gown may take the fashion spotlight on your big day, you can’t just let your shoe choice fall to the wayside, and I’m not talking about the heels you’re wearing with your wedding dress, I’m talking about the flats you’re bound to change into for the dance floor. Usually after the ceremony takes place and you’re ready to dance the night away, most brides and bridesmaids decide to change into something a little more comfortable, but a little less fabulous. Fortunately for you, Footzyfolds is a game-changer in the bridal world, allowing you to quickly change from ceremony shoes, to chic, comfy flats in a matter of seconds!

Here are some bridal shoe trends that you can continue to keep wearing even after your heels are tossed to the side:

Something Blue, Something Colorful

Colored styles are in for bridal shoes right now, and the obvious color to wear is your something blue.

 Change into flab flats when the party starts but still keep the vibrant color all night long with Fresca in Blue.

Print All Over

Bold prints are trending from head to toe right now – yes, even for brides.

 Continue the trend even when you change into flats with Safari Loafers in black!

It’s In The Details

Add a softness to your wedding dress that can only be completed by lace.

And once your heels no longer feel soft, and instead start to hurt, bring them back to comfort with Lace Mod in yellow.  

More Brooches, Please

 Brooches and jewels add a little elegance to your whole wedding outfit.

Continue to be classy, even with heels off by accessorizing your flats with Footzyjewelz