Celebs Not Afraid To Do A Quick Change Into Comfy Flats On The Fly

Celebs Not Afraid To Do A Quick Change Into Comfy Flats On The Fly

Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez spotted switching into Footzyfolds fashionable compact flats

Award season brings on sky high stilettos, but the solution to achey feet on the red carpet comes from Jenifer and Sarah Caplan, founders of Footzyfolds, where their brand of signature compact flats fit perfectly in your purse for when you need a spare pair. Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez were spotted wearing a pair in this photo just last week.


The amazing new styles like the zebra-print Adrian or stylish laser cut out design of the Kourtney have an added cushion and fashionable design to allow these celebrities to not only look good when wearing them with their designer outfits, but also give their tortured tootsies a break.

Footzyfolds just introduced a line of compact sandals in their spring collection, and for the fall are coming out with booties and knee high boots – the first of their kind! Compact footwear is not just for a quick change anymore as the technology behind the shoes and insoles are now made for everyday wear and tear.

Footzyfolds’ foldable sandals are evidence of this, and will be the must-have shoe of the season for celebs and fashionistas looking to choose what’s hot in high-end trends. There are three different sandals available including the Joan, Julianna, and Paris; each with two different color selections to match all the latest spring outfit trends! The sandals, as well as Footzyfolds’ trendsetting celeb-worn flats are now available at www.footzyfolds.com, with prices ranging from $36 to $69.

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