Trend Alert: Marvelous Metallic

Trend Alert: Marvelous Metallic

Metallic clothes are trending this fall, and although gold may be your first metal of choice, silver is actually dominating this trend. See all the haute metallic must-haves this season:

1. Blazer – Time to get down into business with this metallic trim blazer. Great for the office but also chic enough to unbutton and unwind your look for after work as well.

2. Pants – Channel ¬†your inner rockstar with metallic pants this fall! If you’re going for an all silver fabric, be sure to wear a top that only has a hint of silver, otherwise, it could be metallic overkill with your outfit.

3. Footzyfolds – Betsy in Silver fits this trend to a tee by combining a classic flat style and the metallic silver color to create one chic shoe! Comfortable, stylish, and foldable – it’s everything you wish for in a shoe and Footzyfolds provides it.

4. Nail Polish – Never underestimate the power of nailpolish. The great thing about silver nail polish is that it not only matches this seasonal trend, but looks good alongside your other Fall outfits too.

5. Clutch – The metallic silver clutch is another must-have item this fall. It’s small enough to just add a hint of metallic to whatever outfit, keeping you in the trend loop.

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