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Footzyfolds™, rollable shoe folding Flats is a brand new product… and we are sure you will have some questions.. and we have the answers…

Q: What are Footzyfolds™,rollable shoe?
A: Our shoe is rollable and foldable and is there for you anytime and anyplace when you need a spare pair of cute and comfortable shoes. We want you to have happy feet,.. whether you are driving, traveling, working, and also especially when you are out on the town…and we know you will not want to be without your Footzyfolds™,rollable shoe for those special occasions such as Wedding and events…. Your Footzyfolds™, rollable shoe an dfolding flats take up little to no space in your handbag…And you will always have a spare bag for your heels. No More Achy Feet…

Q: What does the Footzyfolds™,rollable shoe come with?
A: Each shoe comes with a gorgeous box  your Footzyfolds, a beautiful shoe bag for your heels, and a cute drawstring pouch to put your stylish Footzyfolds into when you need to put them in your small bag.

Q: So what exactly is the size I need?

A: Each shoe has the ability to conform to a full size. The material is a PU or leather, which stretches with an EVA upper. Our extra padding in the heel will ensure comfort. Therefore, there are three sizes that fit almost everyone*.

Extra Small fits a woman's US Shoe size 4.5-5.5

Small size fits a woman's US shoe size 6 to 7
Medium size fits a woman's US shoe size 7.5 to 8.5
Large size fits a US woman's shoe size 9 to 10
Extra Large is a 10.5-11.5

*If you are a wide we recommend going up half a size.

Footzyfolds foldable flats and folding shoes are fuly sized

Q:Can I go just about anywhere in my Footzyfolds™,rollable and foldable flats
A: It can be worn basically anywhere, but just like any shoe, we recommend that you stay clear of sharp objects.  We have walked miles in these shoes and the only reason you'll want to buy a new pair is to get the hottest new color. 

Q: Can I wear Footzyfolds™,rollable shoe and foldable flats over and over?
A: Of course, but we know that you are going to love your Footzyfolds™,rollable shoe and foldable flats that you are going to want to buy all of the styles!

Q: How long will shipping take?
A: All orders are shipped within 5-10 business days after your receipt of your order confirmation,  if we have it in stock.  Standard shipping takes about 2-4 business days.

Q: When are the new styles of Footzyfolds™,rollable shoe coming out?
The design process is always exciting to us. We would love to hear your ideas regarding new styles and colors, so please send us an email at CustomerService@Footzyfolds.com

Q: Return Policy? 
A: If you are unhappy with your purchase, we offer you a complete money back guarantee up to 10 days after you have purchased.  Please email
CustomerService@Footzyfolds.com and we will provide you with an RA number
If you would like to exchange your shoes for a different size and color and and you are within the above time frame please send just the shoes back:

Footzyfolds Returns and Exchanges

JAM-N Logistics

2140 University Drive 

Rancho Dominguez, CA. 90220

with a note explaining what size you need.

Please note that customers shall pay for all shipping costs unless there is a defect.